[CODE] More on my time command troubles...

From: Seifert (jseifert@horizonview.net)
Date: 05/19/02

I seem to have gotten the time command fixed, having found that the snippet I found failed to include the changes necessary to utils.c, as well as utils.h.

(For those that missed it, that snippet is: http://www.circlemud.org/maillist/2000-12/0004.html)

However, the ticks now appear to be borked. I had my suspicion last night when a friend logged on to help me check out a few things. Just joking around, I had Jupiter kill him and he appeared back in the mortal_start_room as he was supposed to, with 1/17 HP. However, after about 10 minutes of talking (during which 8 ticks should have gone by), he was still at 1 HP.

Odd, to say the least. Anyone know the cause?


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