CircleMUD in a Unix Shell Account

From: Zeus (
Date: 05/19/02

 I implemented a MUD based on the circle30bp17RS-win98 using CYGWIN in Windows 98. When I sent my MUD for a shell account (that uses  unix system), the players didn't get anymore to connect in the mud. Then I verified the file "syslog.CRASH" and I found the following message:
"running bin/circle -q 4000
./autorun: bin/circle: No such file or directory"
To do a test, I tried to execute the file "circle.exe ",  I used the command: "bin/circle.exe" and I obtained the message then: "bin/circle.exe: cannot execute binary file"

Believing it's of some conflict with the unix system  (in spite of me to run the MUD in win98 but using an unix emulator), I compliled and I sent to the shell another version of CircleMUD (circle30bpl16). However, the problem wasn't solved. 
Which version of CircleMUD is the more recommended for me to run in a shell (that uses unix system)? 

Any help will be welcome... 

Thank you... 

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