Re: [newbie] CircleMUD in a Unix Shell Account

From: The Fungi (
Date: 05/19/02

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 03:11:28PM -0300, Zeus wrote:
> ./autorun: bin/circle: No such file or directory"

Right, because bin/circle doesn't exist. You have bin/circle.exe

> To do a test, I tried to execute the file "circle.exe ",  I used
> the command: "bin/circle.exe" and I obtained the message then:
> "bin/circle.exe: cannot execute binary file"

Which is likely, since it sounds like circle.exe was compiled on
your Windows machine.

> Believing it's of some conflict with the unix system  (in spite of
> me to run the MUD in win98 but using an unix emulator), I
> compliled and I sent to the shell another version of CircleMUD
> (circle30bpl16). However, the problem wasn't solved.

If you actually are running some form of UNIX under an emulator then
it will need to be the same OS and hardware architecture as the
target host. But it sounds like you're compiling under Cygwin, which
is not an emulator--just a UNIX *environment* for Windows.

Short answer: configure and make on the target server, not on your
bittybox at home.
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