bundled source

From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@angelfire.com)
Date: 05/23/02

Hello all :-)

I've been working on bundling the lastest circle with much of the ftp
site.  I've got over 160 items added in, and I'm not too much
interested in adding in the rest.  I will make my bundled source
available on the ftp site.  If anybody wants to take up the torch
and add in some more stuff, please send me patches against the "stock"
bundled source I'll be putting up.

There are some rather significant things missing, like OLC and
DG Scripts (though DG Events are there).  I'm just not sufficiently
interested in using them to be bothered adding them, especially given
the hassle involved vis a vis some of the more significant changes
such as bitfields replacing the bitvectors.  Anyways, read the
README.EJG for details.

Also note that I am developing on Win98 with MSVC6, and haven't
updated all the makefiles, nor the autoconf script, so you may have
to do some tweaking to get it to compile at all.  Unless you are
using MSVC6 :)  (project files for MSVC are included.)  Please don't
bother me with emails on how to get it to compile.  I'll get around
to fixing the makefiles eventually, but it really shouldn't be that
hard to get going.

I'm sure the code has plenty of bugs, so when you find "it", please
let me know - I'll do maintenance on the "stock" bundled source but
that only happens if people report bugs :p   There are a few known
bugs and problems - see the TODO.bundle.

Anyways, I'm gonna upload it in a bit, so hopefully it will be
available in the next few days.

For those who hate the idea of bundling, just don't use it.
Don't bother me with flames or hate mail.  I have my own reasons
for doing it (look in the lib/text/background of the bundled source
to see why :)

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