Re: OasisOLC problem

From: Welcor (
Date: 05/23/02

From: "Tom" <>
>     The error message it prints out is: "./autorun: line 167: 18476
>  segmentation fault    bin/circle $FLAGS $PORT >> syslog 2>&1"
> please note that the number before segmentation fault changes each
> time I get a crash.

When you're testing (especially when you have a reporducable crash bug)
you should be running your game through a debugger. It seems (since
you're using autorun) that you're using a linux based system for running
the mud. This means you probably have access to gdb, a very useful tool
for finding and fixing bugs.
There's even a quick rundown of how to use it in the faq - or is it

Alternatively - try putting log() statements into your code - this
way you can track down the problem line. gdb is faster, though.

>     If anyone could help me out on this, it would be wonderful.
> Upon looking at the code myself it seems to me that anytime I
> hit a reference to 'NOWHERE, NOBODY or NOTHING' is when I get
> the crash. I know some alteration were made on that in stock
> circlemud recently (from changelog) but don't know if it is something
> I should switch around or what. Thanks in advance for any help you
> may be able to give.

The NOTHING changes in stock should have no influence on oasisolc,
since the values for these weren't changed.

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