Re: [NEWBIE] Editor for code?

From: krenshala (
Date: 05/26/02

On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 11:06:06AM -0700, Jim was heard to say:

>    Getting ready to take the plunge and add races and more levels to my
> circle30bpl16-Olcv2.0-DG17a(?); on a Redhat 6.0 machine. I have been
> reading up on the snippets and the info looks pretty straight forward.
> My question, which editor is best to use for someone with my "lack" of
> experience? I mostly have used Pico, and it would seem it would work,
> but just want to ensure I start off right. Also, any "pointers" on
> adding snippets, such as any pitfalls/problems that I may avoid etc?
> Any/all help appreciated.
> Realm

I prefer vi for editing, but its really just a matter of taste. ;)

As for the snippets, make sure to only add them in one at a time or you
run the risk of not knowing which one is causing problems.  Basically,
pick one, add it, and work out all its bugs before moving on to the next.

Oh, and back up your (I assume) currently working mud before you start
and after each successful snippet installation (if you wish) so you can
easily roll back to a "working" version with little trouble. <G>


Larry Robinson

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