Re: [ASYNC_DNS] Problem with ip resolving.

From: The Arrow (
Date: 05/27/02

Heh... I don't know wether I should be glad that people use my stuff, or
feali uneasy because these things come back to haunt me after over five
years!  :)

On Sun, 26 May 2002, Templar Viper wrote:

[Problems with my ident patch snipped.]

After having looked closer at the patch (remember I did it a long time
ago! :), this is how it works:

1. If the mud may not fork, we simply do the resolving, and it shouldn't
   be any problems (except that it might lag the mud considerably.)

2. If the mud forks of a new process, then after the descriptor for the
   new player is created and initialized, the state of it is set to
   CON_IDENT (function id_lookup in ident.c.) When the ident process is
   finished with the request a message is sent to the main process which
   puts hostname and/or username into the descriptor structure and sets
   its state to CON_GET_NAME.

Since the fetching or hostname and username (specially the username) can
take some time, the players might think that there is a problem connecting.
Normally all should work fine, but if there is another patch that modifies
the descriptor state after we have requested a lookup, there will most
certainly be problems. Otherwise I can not see any problems with it, the
player should simply not get to state CON_MOTD at all before the hostname
is resolved.

While this mail might not be very helpfull for this particular problem, I
hope it may help people to understand how it works.

/ Joachim
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