Re: Boards (Question, & Bug)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/27/02

> Question:
> Just curious, has anyone rewritten the board system to save as non binary?
> And if so, is it WIN32 compliant.
> Bug:
> When ever someone, normally the first player on, looks at a room (even if
> the board isn't there), or enters the first command the has been given sense
> boot up, windows spits out an error stating that fclose.c line 50 is bogus
> and it can't do anything about, asks for ignore, cancel or abort. I imagine
> someone has had this same problem somewhere down the line, and if so, how
> did you fix this? I've tried everything short of rewriting the code and have
> come out empty handed. This is a little short on information, honestly there
> isn't much to give as I don't understand the error in general, but anyone
> that's willing to help, its would be greatly appreciated.

        Well, I've once rewritten the boards to work, well... in ascii.
It used non-windows headers, but, there are similiar nearly drop-in
replacements for them.  Aside from being ascii, they also were intergrated
with OLC, so simply setting an object as type "ITEM_BOARD" would allow it
to work.

        The only actual upgrade was that it remembered which characters
had read which posts from the board, and had a check in the column to the
left of the post number to show that.

        You can probably find it if you search for 'dynamic boards' on the
ftp site.

        Note that there are still bugs in the patch, AND, those bugs have
been discussed on this mailing list several times in the past.  You should
probably search for them as well.


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