[Newbie] void list_one_char

From: Dr J Slate (ogodei@carolina.rr.com)
Date: 05/28/02

Using Cygwinb20 and Circle3.0bpl17

In void list_one_char(...) (which is in act.informative) one will find the

strcat(buf, i->player.long_descr);
    send_to_char(buf, ch);

      act("...$e glows with a bright light!", FALSE, i, 0, ch, TO_VICT);
      act("...$e is groping around blindly!", FALSE, i, 0, ch, TO_VICT);

The former "glows with..." is working find on my mud, but the latter does
not.  I discovered this while adding an entirely different bit that would
set AFF_ILLUSION.  Neither the "is groping around blindly" nor my "is
surrounded by false images" appears in a room when a character is blinded or
under the effect of "illusion".  I've removed the if statement for
AFF_ILLUSION and am now running the game with the above code.  Still,  "is
groping around blindly!" does not appear to others when someone is indeed
blinded.  (I've tested this several times.)

As always all suggestions are welcomed.  Thanks.

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