Re: server security

From: ben heise (
Date: 05/29/02

> behind like a hardware/software firewall scheme? with routers and
> such?


just so that if you have a home network(like me) they cannot mess with,
or connect to, any other computer other than your mud server.... for
instance my home network also is doing DNS work, etc. I dont want other
people bouncing thru my network so the IP id on the packets are from my

> they can still ruin your mud and take all your code or just delete all
> hard work!

>With the proper permissions, the worst they could do is to ruin the
>and read other files.

I dont even want them to get access to anything other than the MUD. I set
up a FTP site for coders to get access to my server, but have to make a
seperate firewall rule per coder's IP address (and hope no one is using a
dynamic IP addy)

does anyone know how to set up router tunneling so that certain ports can
be auto shuffled to the correct port on a server inside the firewall?
(I.e. firewall port autoshuffled to the correct server port, on the
server tunnel to the correct sealed dir, and back out on the correct port
thru the firewall set port.)

                {Madly implementing Implements}

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