Re: [LONG] Strange occurences in Borland makefile

From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 06/02/02


On Monday, June 03, 2002 2:37:20 AM George Greer wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Henrik Stuart wrote:

>>On Monday, June 03, 2002 1:15:01 AM George Greer wrote:
>>> On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Henrik Stuart wrote:
>>>>   act.informative.c:
>>>>   ------------------
>>>>   205: condition always true:
>>>>     inspect  the  struct.. byte is a typedef for unsigned char. I.e.,
>>> It's only unsigned if your 'char' is unsigned.
>>Euh?  Considering, at least for Visual C++'s sake, that char is signed
>>per  default  I  don't see how that's connected. Now, byte is unsigned
>>per  default.  Perhaps  using  sbyte  would  prove more beneficial for
>>portability then. :o)

> structs.h:

> #if !defined(CIRCLE_WINDOWS) || defined(LCC_WIN32)      /* Hm, sysdep.h? */
> typedef char                    byte;
> #endif

> char === byte, so if 'char' is signed, so is 'byte.  And 'char' is
> generally signed.  GCC uses '-funsigned-char' if you want it changed.

Uh  no,  if !defined(CIRCLE_WINDOWS), and I'm pretty certain we aren't
experimenting  with  LCC  too  :)  Hence,  it's the default of char if
you're  not on Windows or using LCC, right? Now, moving on to sysdep.h
byte  isn't  specified  anywhere  as  any sort of typedef or the like,
which  leads  to  the  standard-included files... for Visual C++ 6.0's
case this is <stdin>, which specifies typedef unsigned char byte; So I
suppose my original proposition still holds. :o)

Yours truly,
  Henrik Stuart (

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