Re: [LONG] Strange occurences in Borland makefile

From: George Greer (
Date: 06/02/02

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Henrik Stuart wrote:

>> structs.h:
>> #if !defined(CIRCLE_WINDOWS) || defined(LCC_WIN32)      /* Hm, sysdep.h? */
>> typedef char                    byte;
>> #endif
>> char === byte, so if 'char' is signed, so is 'byte.  And 'char' is
>> generally signed.  GCC uses '-funsigned-char' if you want it changed.
>Uh  no,  if !defined(CIRCLE_WINDOWS), and I'm pretty certain we aren't
>experimenting  with  LCC  too  :)  Hence,  it's the default of char if
>you're  not on Windows or using LCC, right?

Yes, Linux, what I use. :P I have no way of knowing what Visual C++ uses.

>Now, moving on to sysdep.h byte isn't specified anywhere as any sort of
>typedef or the like, which leads to the standard-included files... for
>Visual C++ 6.0's case this is <stdin>, which specifies typedef unsigned
>char byte; So I suppose my original proposition still holds. :o)

If you're sure VC++ uses unsigned char, then it should change.  Is that the
"MSDN official" definition as well?

George Greer

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