Re: [Idea?] AFF flags and expansion

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 06/03/02

>I was wondering if anyone had ever expanded on the AFF flags
>in the fashion of adding an AFF2 flag, or something of the like.
>I know theres 3 or so documents out there that deal with the 128
>bitvectore thing, but it seems that giving the mud a complete
>overhaul like that is a bit unnecessary if perhaps just duplicating
>the code for AFF flags would have the same effect?

It has been done, and it is actually more obtuse then using either
bitvector arrays or bitfields.  I prefer bitfields myself, but they
aren't compatible with many of the more popular mods like Oasis.
And then what happens after you've used up your AFF2_ array?
AFF3?  It gets incredibly absurd very quickly.  Better to use the
most easily extensible option right off and save yourself a lot of
hassle down the road.

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