Re: [Idea?] AFF flags and expansion

From: Ray Campbell (
Date: 06/03/02

Yea, I took a look at the archives, and it appears that it was done, and
successful, I was just posting it as a theory really, it seemed an easier
way for people that were new to coding, or circle mud in general than to try
to apply the 128 bit patch, or bitfields.  The compatibility is also an
issue, when it comes to bitfields, and I was wondering if many people had
converted to that option.  Whereas I do believe there are some pre compiled
patch levels with 128 bits already patched in.  My mud was developed back on
patch level 8, and I've been upgrading it slowly over the past year, its
currently up to patch level 15 status.  I just recently started to
reorganize my AFF flags, and actually ripped most of them out, however, as
most the people on here know, the standird 32 flags run out quite quickly.
Was just looking for different perspectives on different approaches.  I
suppose your on point that the AFF2 AFFetc would get repeatitive.  However,
my total project consists of only needing 53 different AFF flags, and I
thought it was probably an easier way to go.

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