Re: [long] AFF2 flag

From: Templar Viper (
Date: 06/04/02

> >I tried adding the bitvector2 into the for loop, and also the void, but
> >then I got a ton of mismatches on compilation, so i put it back to the
> >stock for, above.  I was wondering if I would have to write a complete
> >sprintbit2 ? or if there was a way I could add the bitvector2 into that
> >loop so It would set the affection to the character.
> I think all you need to do is follow one of those patches for 128 bit.
> Its basically the same thing you are trying to code up, just it uses
> instead of aff and aff2 -- just an example.

I already have the 128bits patch implented at patch level 21, with oasisOLC,
and dg_scripts, and it seems to work fine. The only setback I have is that
you have to modify your worldfiles too, but that shouldn't be too much of a
problem I think.

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