Re: No Core

From: Jason Yarber (
Date: 06/05/02

> Every time my mud has crashed with no error messages, except for
> Sigmentation Faults, there is no core made...:(
> Anyone ran into this before?  I am running RedHat Linux 7.2 with
> Circle30bpl17 with all the fixins (code is modified).

Yes, actually, I have run into this situation.  Although cryptic, my version
had an easy fix.  What
your gonna need to do, is look back through the last few patches you
installed, and make sure
everything is right.  Also, if any of your recent patches changed the
calling of any functions like my
tables-formula patch does with the experience function, you'll want to use
grep, or find, to search
through your code to make sure that every call to the function is made
properly.  That's what was
wrong when it happened to me.  The mud I was working on had meta, and I
didn't realize that meta
called upon the experience function, and never thought to look in it's
coding.  In the end, meta
kept crashing the mud, with no errors or core dump.  Here's an example of
what I'm talking about:

int level_exp(int chclass, int level);

was changed to:

int level_exp(int chclass, int level, int chrace);

and meta was calling upon it with

level_exp(GET_CLASS(ch), GET_LEVEL(ch));

when it should've been:

level_exp(GET_CLASS(ch), GET_LEVEL(ch), GET_RACE(ch));

Hope it helps ya!

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