Question about zone reset and hidden exits

From: Pete Johnson (ukrawbones@AOL.COM)
Date: 06/05/02

Im adding the below listed snippet to my mud, 30bpl20 with oasis and dg.

The snippet is pretty comprehensive, save for a few unanswered questions.

1. This snippet primarily alters the door flags in world files,
   when a zone is reset, does the world file reload or do the
   genzon.c and zedit.c files need updating to rehide the door/exit
   upon reset via timer or command.

2. If the above is true, what do i need to add to the zon editing files
   to make this happen. Ive read the other hidden doors file snippet at

   but this again neglects what needs to be added to the zon editing files
   and also doesnt mention the wld file editing.

Ive studied the code till im blue in the face and losing my hair and i
would appreciate some help on this matter. Ive made a patch up so far for
dealing with:-
auto exit function,
exits function,
mob and player movement,
setting door flags in wld files,
adding a search command ( currently figuring out a search skill).

Ive done this by patching the two files together so they work in unison.

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