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From: Peter Nielsen (
Date: 06/05/02

> BTW, is that MALLOC_CHECK_ or just MALLOC_CHECK?
> Mythran

By the way MALLOC_CHECK_ have nothing to do with your core file I just use
it coz I think it's neat
and help me protect me against myself :) (on a sidenote though it makes it
alot easier to track down thoose
bugs that would normally crash your mud a long time after the actual memory

Should have mentioned it earlier.. sorry for the double post..

 Recent  versions of Linux libc (later than 5.4.23) and GNU
       libc (2.x) include a malloc implementation which  is  tun-
       able  via  environment  variables.   When MALLOC_CHECK_ is
       set, a special (less  efficient)  implementation  is  used
       which  is  designed  to be tolerant against simple errors,
       such as double calls of free() with the same argument,  or
       overruns of a single byte (off-by-one bugs).  Not all such
       errors can be proteced against, however, and memory  leaks
       can  result.   If  MALLOC_CHECK_ is set to 0, any detected
       heap corruption is silently ignored; if set to 1, a  diag-
       nostic  is  printed  on  stderr;  if  set to 2, abort() is
       called immediately.  This can be useful because  otherwise
       a  crash may happen much later, and the true cause for the
       problem is then very hard to track down.

ulimit -c unlimited <-- this should be enough for your core file problem..

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