Re: [newbie] major bug!!

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 06/11/02

>i am having lots of problems now, i added a new prompt, from

A very good programmer once told that most crashes (in non-graphical
apps anyways) are a result of one of two things:  overrunning array
bounds or dereferencing a NULL pointer.  It sounds like you may have
one of these two problems.  I'm not familiar with the particular
snippet you're using, but it seems probably it is at fault here.
Set a breakpoint at the start of make_prompt and step through it one
line at a time.  I'm not familiar with Borland so can't tell you
exactly how to do that - consult your documentation.  If it doesn't
crash in there, then you'll have to consider other additions you've
made and step through those in the same way.  It's not fun, but
debugging is a fact of life if you want to be a programmer.

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