Re: 700+ Errors

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 06/11/02

On Tuesday, June 11, 2002, at 11:42 AM, Kevin Dethlefs wrote:

> I get 700+ warnings and no errors, so i decided to put them on my
> geocities
> acount, and ask for help. I just know its one line screwing it all up.
Well first off you really should be able to fix these on your own
however i'll kindly dish out some help.

First off in one of your headers you most likely have a function proto
what has two of the passed vars switched as your getting a const
char * -> descriptor_data * and descritor_data * -> const char *. also
it would seem that in some cases you have more arguments than required
for some function calls.
Best thing to do is start looking at the lines it reports these problems
and see what is wrong with the line I imagine once you fix the swapped
vars you'll drop most of your errors.


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