Re: 700+ Errors

From: Jason Yarber (
Date: 06/11/02

> I get 700+ warnings and no errors, so i decided to put them on my
> acount, and ask for help. I just know its one line screwing it all up.

Well, as a rule of thumb, when compiling anything, only focus upon the very
first error, fix that, then recompile.  So here's your first two errors that
I've spotted right off hand.

in comm.c on line 696 change
write_to_output(d, off_string);
write_to_output(off_string, d);

and on line 986 change
write_to_output(d, on_string);
write_to_output(on_string, d);

What part of the problem is, is on line1263. write_to_output is declared as
void write_to_output(const char *txt, struct descriptor_data *t)
you were using it as
void write_to_output(struct descriptor_data *t, const char *txt)
but since it was declared as the prior, it wasn't going to work.  However,
because it only requires 2 arguments, and you do supply two arguments, the
compiler isn't going to scream too loudly, hence the warnings, instead of
errors. Good luck.

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