Re: equipment saving

From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 06/12/02

George Greer wrote:
> I took the instructions and it didn't get deleted.  Since there were saving
> changes in the previous few patchlevels I assumed that did it.

Did you remember to "set" the rentcode to "crash"? Here are more
detailed instructions on how to reproduce it:

Start CircleMUD and log in with any player which have one or more
objects (and thus, a non-empty rent-file). While the player is in-game,
produce a real crash (e.g. killing the server). This will set the
player's rent-file to "crash". Start CircleMUD again, log in with your
god character and stat file the player (the player shouldn't be logged,
or stat file will read the currently loaded instance).

When do_stat_character() calls extract_char_final(), which calls
Crash_delete_file(), the rentfile (set to "crash") is simply deleted.

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