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From: The Fungi (
Date: 06/12/02

I'll try to keep this brief. I'm rewriting my 3.0bpl19-based MUD to
track CVS. The only major canned patch I used previously was Oasis,
the rest I did by hand. This time around I think I'd like to
incorporate DGScripts, 128-bit and ASCII pfile patches as well, and
I'd like an opinion or two on order of convenience.

Starting with the largest patch first is presumably advisable and
there's already an OasisOLC for bpl21 so I expect that to go in
without too many rejects. I'm thinking next would be DGScripts using
the latest noolc patch version. I expect a handful of rejects there
since it was patched against bpl19. Will trying to patch for ASCII
pfiles be a serious undertaking at that point? Should I start there
first? Looks like 128-bit for bpl21 will probably go in pretty
smoothly, though I expect having to hand patch it to make sure it
integrates with OLC and Scripting.

Suggestions? Should I instead start with bpl19 to reduce the rejects
from DGScripts and ASCII pfiles, then patch up to 21 and add in
128-bit and Oasis, then patch up to CVS? I'm not at all afraid of
hand-patching... just trying to reduce the amount of lead time
before I can start hacking my custom mods back in without
introducing too many compatability bugs to root out first.
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