Re: [NEWBIE] Manual color script in bpl21

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 06/12/02

>I recently patched the manual color script into bpl19 with no
>problems but now I cant seem to get it to work on bpl21, the
>write_to_output function has been rewritten. Now there is size_t
>write_to_output and size_t vwrite to output.
>Could someone help me along by explaining how to add the manual color
>snippet to the new functions.

size_t is typically just an unsigned int.

You'll want to edit the vwrite_to_output now instead of the
write_to_output.  I don't actually use any of the color patches,
but it looks like you probably want to put in the color codes
replacement cycle right after:
  if (t->bufptr < 0)
    return (0);

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