Re: [NEWBIE] Manual color script in bpl21

From: Eamonn A. Sweeney (eamonnasweeney@EIRCOM.NET)
Date: 06/13/02

I tried putting the new color codes in the vwrite_to_output but I get five
errors, everywhere txt is incremented or decreased. Im still a newbie to c
but from what I can deduce the txt variable doesnt have a value at this
point so I added it after the part vsnsprintf(txt, blah blah where txt is
assigned the const char *format arg etc. Still the same problem. In bpl19
Const char *txt was in the write_to_output struct so I tried using format
instead of txt as txt is passed to const char *format from write-to_output,
still to no avail. Im not really sure where I should put the new color
codes or even if I am passing the correct variable to the color function.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, the new write_to_output and
vwrite_to_output is confusing the heck out of me. Though I want to use it
instead of bpl19 as I can use color in the login screens and menus with the
new setup, (I hope :)).


Sorry for asking silly questions, I can usually figure things out after a
bit but this has me stumped.

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