Re: Free servers?

From: Jason Yarber (
Date: 06/14/02

> I dont have a lawn mower, nor would I know how to work one, can's and
> everything, right now my mother is so far in debt that we need to move
> from all my friends and make my life even more miserable and I may have to
> go to the worst school in the city. I hate the elements, being outside
> Right now, my view on life is a bit negative. I been through a lot within
> the last 3/4 months. I am also getting annoyed, very annoyed, and my
> of making people mad. Everything with this project has gone wrong, and I'm
> honestly on my last nerve about it. When Dnal (my mud) was up, we had
> builders, to many coders (inexpierenced at that), and the whole staff
> besides myself was not dedicated. Is this truely worth it?
> If this sounds mean, I'm sorry. It just seems that all the work I do do is
> unappreciated.

Ok, friend, it seems you and I are in a similar boat on getting a mud up and
running.  I too have
tried to start a mud and was met with some pretty evil things.  I also had a
staff of people who
just weren't really dedicated at making things work.  So, in the end, my
suggestion for you is to basically
do the same thing I'm doing.  Find a compiler for your computer, get circle
to run on your own machine,
then work on the thing yourself.  Don't hire coders, learn to code it
yourself.  There are some excellent
books on c programming out there, heck, that's where I learned everything I
know about coding.
I'm not just talking about doing the coding yourself, I'm also talking about
doing the building yourself.
In the end, you'll have a fully coded and built mud ready to be played, and
won't need to hire any
immortals to work on your mud except to help out the mortals.  But then that
leaves you one
more problem.  Where are you gonna host your mud?   Well, since you built
your mud on your
computer, wouldn't it be fitting to host it there as well?  Yeah, it may
cost more, but it's more worth
it.  I know your saying, "I can't afford it."  But look at it this way,
it'll be a long time before you get your
mud to the point where you feel that it's finished and just needs players.
You won't need a host untill
then.  And if you dont' want to host it yourself, there are a few windows
based hosts, if that's what
your computer is.  At any rate, it's just a thought, and it's what I'm

Jason Yarber

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