Re: Free servers?

From: Ray Campbell (
Date: 06/13/02

There used to be a place or 2 that hosted muds for free, however I think
they either went down
or in the extreme where they actually lasted, they have so many applications
there could be a long
waiting list from what I recall when I looked into this about 7 years ago.
Your best bet, is if you
have a local ISP you could try to contact the person in charge, and try to
work out an arrangment,
and if you're already a customer, some isp's even offer shell access.  Just
make sure you run it by
the systems admin. before you go and drain the servers resources, they seem
to frown upon that.
What I did was I called a local isp manager and said I had an advertising
opprotunity, I couldn't
make any guarantees to him, but I would advertise his ISP on my mud as long
as he would host it
amazingly he agreed, maybe I just caught him in a charitable mood, or maybe
it was because he was
one of my old players *shrug* Either way its worth a shot.  Other than that
your best bet is to go out
and mow a couple of lawns and spring the 10-150 dollars a month on a host
depending where you go.

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