Re: Free servers?

From: Kevin Dethlefs (
Date: 06/13/02

Firstly, in life, you get what you pay for. If you want free, then
you'll get just that. Zero support, zero guarantees. In fact, your mud
could be up one day, and you could very easily find it down, with your
shell locked out the very next (quite literally).
I know this story all to well, it just happened to me. I lost everything, I
had backups on my HD, but I lost everything on that too at the same time.
The allocation units went bad, and now my mud host gotten a little mad, and
locked out the acount, and then deleted everything. I know about the no
committment to the server deal also.

Personally, I'd advise going through and checking things out, then
setting up an account with Kyndig ( His rates are
decent, his service is the best. I've been with him for over a year now,
and in 4 years of hopping from host to host because the service sucked,
the admin didn't know how to run a server, or the like, I've found a
home there that I can quite honestly feel comfortable with. With
accounts from around $10, there's not a lot of reason NOT to go with
kyndig. (sorry, I don't make anything from saying that, I just can't
help but promote the best service that I've seen).

My problem with that is that I dont have the cash for it. I thought I
pointed it out. I dont have anything to work with to get the cash yet, and
noone wants to hire me around my part of the united states.

As far as the money issue, here's a couple more things you can do too.
If you live somewhere where can/bottle deposits are kept, use that
towards the mud. Mow lawns, go out and look for a job, even if it is
only part time it'll help you out.

I dont have a lawn mower, nor would I know how to work one, can's and
everything, right now my mother is so far in debt that we need to move away
from all my friends and make my life even more miserable and I may have to
go to the worst school in the city. I hate the elements, being outside also.

Right now, my view on life is a bit negative. I been through a lot within
the last 3/4 months. I am also getting annoyed, very annoyed, and my ability
of making people mad. Everything with this project has gone wrong, and I'm
honestly on my last nerve about it. When Dnal (my mud) was up, we had little
builders, to many coders (inexpierenced at that), and the whole staff
besides myself was not dedicated. Is this truely worth it?

If this sounds mean, I'm sorry. It just seems that all the work I do do is


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