Summoning Spells and additions required

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 06/14/02

Hi all

I want to add a run of summoning spells from npc's to assist the caster
using the charm flag, to items and lights that follow the player about.
A couple of things I want to add to improve this im not sure how to go about

1) I want to add a timer that causes removal of the summoned item. I presume
in com.c simply create a loop that counts to 50 say and then removes the obj
from the chars inventory if it is still there.

2) A timer that will remove the Charm flagg on a mob, I figure it will be
easier to simply stop him for being charmed rather then remove him

3) A limit so that you can only use the Charm flag once, so you can't have
multiple charmed creatures or summoned creatures.

If anyone has done this or can help that would be great


Alex Mann

Naryan World

telnet 7474

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