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From: The Fungi (
Date: 06/15/02

On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 09:21:20AM -0400, Alex wrote:
> >   * Installed files to necessary locations to meet Debian Policy.
> Er... like what?  Putting them in generic system places (ie /usr/sbin,
> etc?)

Right now the mud binary and autorun script are in /usr/bin/, the
world, pfiles and help are in /var/lib/circlemud/*/..., motd,
credits, wizlist, and so on are in /etc/circlemud/, logs in
/var/log/circlemud/, the pidfile, pause, .fastboot et cetera go in
/var/run/circlemud/ and the documentation resides in
/usr/share/doc/circlemud/. Also added skeletal manpages for the
"circlemud" and "circlemud-autorun" executables.

> If that is the case, I'm still not entirely convinced that's a good idea. :)
> Giving it its own tree is likely a much better idea (ie /usr/circlemud or
> something)

That's more or less what I've done but Debian packaging policy is
pretty strict about where you put executables, configs, logs, et al.

> Sharing these back to the main source might be a good idea too... hint
> hint.

Easy enough. It resides in:

The patchfile is currently named:


Though the version number will increment with each released CVS
snapshot and subversion with each package revision. It is diffed
against the official, unmodified circle tarball, which is also there
for convenience and is presently named:


> To run CircleMUD as root?  I'd _really_ hope not.  Ouch.  Also, if you
> start the process as root and suid elsewhere, you won't get any core
> files, which could be a problem.

Not at all. I am a computer security specialist in my other life.
The initscript is called by root, but it only starts/stops/restarts
autorun which runs as user and group circlemud (the mud can still be
stopped and restarted in the traditional methods from within the
game). The executables are *owned* by user/group root so that the
circlemud user cannot alter them. Other files (except docs) are
owned by user/group circlemud with 0660 (-rw-rw----) perms and
directories are 2770 (-rwxrws---) perms.  Further, the main loop in
autorun and its children run with a umask of 007 to ensure no files
are created world-readable.

I also split the mud into three packages. "circlemud" has the files
necessary to install and run in minimud mode (and does so
automatically if the "index" files don't exist) and contains minimal
documentation (license, readme, manpages). "circlemud-world" has the
rest of the released worldfiles from the official tarball.
"circlemud-doc" has the full documentation set from the tarball. I
plan to add a "circlemud-utils" package with the other utility
executables once I have tested them to ensure they work properly
with the new file locations. Since I never use them I need to
familiarize myself with their function first.

> Yes, I'm now back from my 2 weeks in Ireland.  It's wonderful over there.
> I don't have to get up at 2:30am to watch the early game.  Just 7:30am.

Been to Scotland, England and Wales. Always wanted to visit Ireland
but haven't had time yet. I much prefer the weather there to the
unholy heat waves we get in the southern US.
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