Macro Redefinition error, LVL_BUILDER in circle30bpl21-OasisOLC-2 .0.1

From: Bussy, Lee (OTS-KC) (
Date: 06/17/02

I downloaded circle30bpl21-OasisOLC-2.0.1.tar.gz from George Greer's area
today ( and added the and sysdep.h from the src directory as indicated previously.  A
fresh compile under VC++6.0 yielded 15 Warnings like the following:

genolc.h(20) : warning C4005: 'LVL_BUILDER' : macro redefinition
structs.h(470) : see previous definition of 'LVL_BUILDER'

In structs.h on line 470 I changed the following:

/* Builders that have access to the saveall command */

... changed to:


The errors are of course gone.  Not sure what George intended on this one so
I thought I would post here for concensus or George's comments.

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