Re: CircleMUD 3.0 Ripe Beta or Next Version

From: Alex (
Date: 06/17/02

> There are a few things that should be included in the "Final Release" (tm)
>  o  Color
Basic (very simple) colour is already part of CircleMUD, and there's even
a document that explains it all.  If you want more advanced colour, there
are _lots_ of options on the FTP site.

>  o  Additional Levels
Levels are fairly easy to add.  30+4 is plenty.

>  o  Additional Races
Races won't be in this edition, but there's a possibility of adding hooks
in to the next full version so that races are more easily added than they
are now.  Not that they are difficult now of course :)

> If a couple of these "common" mods could be incorporated into a coding
> doc
That won't happen.  The coding document is a document that is dedicated to
explaining how CircleMUD works.  What the useful calls are, and how things
like Special Procedures work.

> Add to that changing some messages, socials, spells, etc.
Socials already have a document dedicated to them, and there will likely
be something on messages, but that may not be in the coding document.  We
may need more documentation over time.


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