[NEWBIE] Help finding more up to date enhancements please (I real ly tried)

From: Bussy, Lee (OTS-KC) (lee_bussy@output.net)
Date: 06/17/02

Hello there.

I've been looking through the various /contrib files and playing and
generally having a good time.  There are a couple of snippet/examples I'm
looking for that I have not been succesfull in implementing.  Most of the
snippets are old and since I'm new, a bit above me for implementing.

I'm looking for guidance, someone to point me to some patches that are more
up to date and more bug-free to get me on my way.  I've tried a few but
since things have been renamed, rearranged, deleted, etc, I've gotten pretty
frustrated on several occasions after 3+ hours of manual patching (on
MSVC++6) and then having hundreds of errors or not finding the area I'm
looking for.

I mean I don't mind trying a few but I'm wondering if I'll ever find ones I
can implement in some areas.

The enhancements I am interested in are:

 o  "Colours" (all versions I have seen are old)
 o  Races (HUGE and didn't match up well with the version I found)

I am currently on bpl21 with OLC.  TIA for any help.

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