Re: Latest DG Scripts

From: Ray Campbell (
Date: 06/19/02

Just be careful with saveall, if you plan on incorperating any of the other
OLC derived editors
such as hedit, aedit, etc.  saveall for some reason, with ... aedit I think
it was caused a serious
corruption error of my social files, just thought I'd throw that out there
for you incase you
planned on doing anything of the sort.  I didn't investigate the bug all
that well, i simply removed
the saveall command because making a string to save all zone info online is
just as easy, and safer
IMO.  In fact, if you expand on the saveall to work with aedit and hedit,
there is probably a small
demand for it somewhere in our vast world of 1's and 0's.  Of course, once
again is all depends on
weither or not you plan to incorporate aedit/hedit.
Sorry if this was a stupid post, just didn't want you to get stuck with no
socials like I did, and 100 megabite
syslog files of errors filling up your hard drive.

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