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From: The Fungi (
Date: 06/19/02

I am preparing a companion patch to the OasisOLC 2.0.1 patch I've
started maintaining for CircleMUD CVS snapshots with the goal of
adding DG Scripts. The "official" site at:

...indicates 0.99pl7a as the latest version and the file has a
December 1999 timestamp. The changelogs contained therein however
only go as far as 0.99pl7 and are dated May 1999. The patches on the
CircleMUD site only mention pl7 in the title as well. Are pl7 and
pl7a essentially the same or are there significant bugfixes in 7a? I
want to make sure I'm working from the latest, greatest release from
the start.

The only thing I can see different is that 7 seems to have been
released for CircleMUD 3.0bpl14 while 7a was released for 3.0bpl15.
If this is the only difference between the two then I will work from
the version from the CircleMUD repository altered to work with
3.0bpl19, which I suspect will save me quite a lot of work. But if
pl7a *does* contain bugfixes or new features I will want to make
sure I patch those in as well.
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