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From: Mythran (
Date: 06/26/02

From: "Mathew Earle Reuther" <>
> already read the part where it says: "don't do this if you don't know c, a
> mud is not a learning project" . . . yet we're doing it anyway for some
> reason.  Telling us to go read a book on c is not likely to produce some
> amazing epiphany in us. :)

Wow, I read that line many times and it never stopped me!!!  Believe it or
not, CircleMUD is the primary reason I am a professional programmer analyst
today!!!  I learned how to program C/C++ by following the flow of CircleMUD
and implementing little pieces here and there.  I had help from a couple of
guys from the Czech Rep. also in which they taught me how to use the Linux
debugger, gdb.

Overall, I believe that line is a bunch of crock, you can learn how to
program in C using CircleMUD, although, you will probably have better luck
and less worries if you enroll in some C/C++ course at a college and learn
from that.  After a few months of learning C, I bought myself a few books
here and there.  For a kid my age, that was a lot of lawn mowing and pulling
weeds.  Now, I work for the County I live in, as a programmer analyst, and I
know more languages (programming) than I care too...but then again, I now
have to learn Cobol and Natural (mainframe languages).

> [P.S. For those of you who care enought about the why of me, keep reading.
> I'm a 27 year old American living in The Netherlands waiting for my
> residence permit.  Since I have time, I'm working on my ideas for a mud.
> The fact that I work on the mud from about 3am EST to noon EST means that
> coordinating with folks from the US becomes exceedingly difficult.  That
> assumes that I could find a coder who was willing to listen to my design
> and implement it without throwing in their own "special touches" (worked
> with too many programmers to trust any of them to follow a spec) . . .
> it's not that such coders don't exist, it's just that you're all working
> on your own projects.
> On the topic of c books, as I do not read Dutch it becomes difficult to
> find books locally.  (I left mine in the States when I moved, it's
> mothering heavy and I decided I wanted clothing.)  Imported manuals are
> very expensive in the stores which are few and far between for English
> speakers.  Mailorder is bad as well (Amazon charges about 20EU+ for
> shipping a large text) and as noted, I'm waiting on a permit so I can't
> work.
> So, I do what I can with reading the code, looking at example sites, and
> asking questions.  Incidentally, such things cost money, since here we
> have metered dialup rates.  So I try not to waste time with things I have
> any clue about.

Ack!  Hmm, American in the Netherlands.  Should make an interesting book
itself :)  Anywho, all companies charge extra for sending to Netherlands?



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