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From: Mythran (
Date: 06/28/02

> > Ive seen the circle code evolve from bpl11 onwards but where does it
> > All we have seen recently is more efficient ways of doing things but is
> > codebase ever going to evolve? Why should every newbie coder have to
> > implement color codes, races, abrreviations, and just about every
> > ever posted to the ftp site?
> Color exists in bpl21.  It's just not the kind of color that a lot of
> people seem to want.  Personally, for me, I like it.  I'm not a big fan of
> color, so the circle implementation is fine.  As for races?  They're not
> difficult, and should be a matter of a few hours to implement even for a
> novice coder.

Even so, RACES should only take a few minutes to add into any CircleMUD
(just follow classes by doing a "grep -i WARRIOR" on *nix to search out all
instances of WARRIOR.  From their, just copy the class format but instead
for races.  You will also need to search out pc_class_types and add a new
array, pc_race_types.

As noted by someone else in this thread, there are many ways of implementing
races.  This, logically, seems to be the easiest with the CircleMUD codebase
as it just follows what is already there (classes).

My mud has (well...after debugging issues are complete) has taken this one
step further.  I had to change the entire spell system to an event style
spell system along with spells/skills for RACES.  For example, a vampire can
FEED (SKILL_FEED) off of another player.  If successful, he/she gains
life/mana back...otherwise, they lose a crapload of mana.

Also, I am currently working on some parts of coding.doc.  Others are
working on portions also.  These should be finished within the next 100
years or so.  Maybe before you grandchildren have their own grandchildren :)

Just my $00.02 for ya....I will have more in a few!


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