Whats the point?

From: Eamonn A. Sweeney (eamonnasweeney@EIRCOM.NET)
Date: 06/27/02

Forgive me if I seem totally stupid here. But what is the actual point of
Most muds out in the wild so to speak either have totally rewritten the
areas and have added a few commands, rewritten the load messages etc. But
what I really want to know is where all this is heading?
Are you trying to build a mud that is AD&D 2nd edition compliant as seems
the case or just trying to make the original code as clean as can be?

I played on a Mud called rauvyon and the coder there introcuded too many
things to mention, but at the time seemed awesome, now that I have delved
inside things I have come to the realisation that its not THAT hard, (just
takes time to figure how things work, but I can never take what he did
lightly for to play that game was playing AD&D 2E), but with the recent
changes in circleMud, ie between bpl19 to bpl21 things have changed
dramatically, few snippets prior to bpl21 will work with the latest patch
level and that itself leaves newbie coders out in the cold.

Ive seen the circle code evolve from bpl11 onwards but where does it stop?
All we have seen recently is more efficient ways of doing things but is the
codebase ever going to evolve? Why should every newbie coder have to
implement color codes, races, abrreviations, and just about every snippet
ever posted to the ftp site?

I came across a rom codebase once called firstmud and it was feature
packed, yet i doubt it had the stability of circleMud but it had what every
potential implementor wanted so do we settle for a codebase packed with
features or a stable codebase with which we have to work our butts of to
make it playable?

Basically what I am getting at is why dont you incorporate each new snippet
on its merits, (ie, this could enhance the codebase) and let it grow. I
personally would love to see a circle codebase with manual color, olc,
dgscripts, buildwalk, etc that evolves with every new realease rather than
the stripped down version that needs so much patching to get it almost
usable. I hope I havent offended anyone who actually posts here or
contributes and I realise just how much work you all put in, but again I
ask where does it all lead and to what purpose?

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