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From: John (
Date: 06/27/02

From: "Eamonn A. Sweeney" <eamonnasweeney@EIRCOM.NET>

> Forgive me if I seem totally stupid here. But what is the actual point
> circleMud?

I think the admins of circlemud are doing a great job. I only want the
core code
to be as stable as possible. Would you believe I had patch8 that had an
uptime of
over 2 weeks even though I had 60+ players playing regularly? (I had to
because the players were getting upset that the unique objects wont load
until a reboot)

With a stable base code, any changes I add that causes instability can
be tracked down
much more easily, especially when I know that others on this list will
notify everyone if
they found a bug in the base code.

> Most muds out in the wild so to speak either have totally rewritten
> areas and have added a few commands, rewritten the load messages etc.

Most of those you are talking about are derivatives. I am quite sure
someone who has
worked on their version of circlemud for a long time has already
released their "circlemud"
for others to build upon.  Shadowdale is a prime example of a Silly (am
I correct here?) code

> Ive seen the circle code evolve from bpl11 onwards but where does it
> All we have seen recently is more efficient ways of doing things but
is the
> codebase ever going to evolve? Why should every newbie coder have to
> implement color codes, races, abrreviations, and just about every
> ever posted to the ftp site?

Why would I want someone else's interpretation of how races should be
There are a thousand and one ways to implement races and other certain
features, and
imagine if you need to unbundle certain features because it just clashed
with what you want
to do? (eg. hey, I want to unbundle IE damn it!)

Besides, not every snippet works with each other as well as it should.
Having a feature packed
code base will make it infinitely harder for newbie coders to understand
the code - we are
hearing alot of silly basic questions even with just the base code now!

Why is it so hard to get this message across - You need to learn C to
make changes to circlemud???
Buy, borrow, beg for a C book.

> I came across a rom codebase once called firstmud and it was feature
> packed, yet i doubt it had the stability of circleMud but it had what
> potential implementor wanted so do we settle for a codebase packed
> features or a stable codebase with which we have to work our butts of
> make it playable?

And thats my point exactly - firstmud isnt stable. You try to debug
that. Lets see if a newbie
coder can debug an unstable mud. Did I mention debug - yes, you need to
learn how to use
some debugging tools too. Why? If you have a proficient player base, I
can almost guarantee you
that someone will find some bug and they will exploit it, and worse,
they may even hold you to
ransom (yes, they will crash your mud often, just for the sake of it,
and you cant ban their address
because they are playing on the uni computers and your player base has
alot of players from that same uni.
Oh, the memories are flooding back to me hahahahahha)

PS: I do not use any snippets. Why? Because its hard enough to debug my
own code and trying to understand
what the snippets do and where all the additions are made, and THEN
debugging it isnt my cup of tea thank you.

Think of circlemud as a tool for you to build wonderful and wonderous

And get a C book (and read it, of course), and learn to debug.

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