Re: Whats the point?

From: Alex (
Date: 06/27/02

> Forgive me if I seem totally stupid here. But what is the actual point of
> circleMud?
To present a base source package that is stable, clean, easy to
understand, and fairly debugged.  It has _nothing_ to do with AD&D
compliancy.  It has nothing to do with making everyone use the source and
areas as is.

> few snippets prior to bpl21 will work with the latest patch level and
> that itself leaves newbie coders out in the cold.
Making that change was not something that we took lightly.  Believe me on
that one.

> All we have seen recently is more efficient ways of doing things but is the
> codebase ever going to evolve?
To add stuff like Smaug, ROM, etc?  We don't want to go there.  We're out
to create a stable _basic_ package.  We don't want to have everything
under the sun in the server.  We want something basic and simple.

Not everyone wants colour, races, etc, etc.  On my own personal mud, I
only decided to add colour about 8 months ago.  I only added races a year
and a half ago.  And that was because I didn't want them before that.
Heck, I still don't like colour.  :)

> I personally would love to see a circle codebase with manual color, olc,
> dgscripts, buildwalk, etc that evolves with every new realease
Look in contrib/servers then.  People submit them.

> I ask where does it all lead and to what purpose?
A stable _base_ to build on.


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