several questions

From: Tom (
Date: 06/28/02

    I have several questions that perhaps people from the list
can assist me with.

1. I intend to remove all zones that are not essential to the
running of the mud and its functions. I know that zone 0
(the void) needs to remain in. I seem to recall that sometime
back it was necessary for zone 30 to stay in for any mail
functions to work. Is this the case? Basically what zones
do I need to leave in to not cut any functionality from the
mud? They will be left as non-player access as I can make
them and still have them work. Then original zones will be
used to customize the mud areas entirely.

2. Is there a readily available patch for damage types
anyplace? I've looked around a bit and not found one. This
doesn't mean it isn't there but just that I am occasionally
utterly blind. Hand patch preferred but a normal patch can
be printed out hardcopy and handpatched also so that is 

3. Final question, has anyone patched the 128 bit patch into
bpl21 with OLC and DG_scripts. I intent to try (after
removing zones) and was wondering if there was anything in
particular to look out for doing so.

Also thank you to all those discussing racial effects and
where and how to place them last week. I had been thinking
about posting a request for information similar to the
info that was sent to the list.

Thank you, in advance, for any assistance...

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