[dg scripts] bug stepped on, crunch crunch, fix inside

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (graymere@zipcon.net)
Date: 06/28/02

Allow me a moment to be happy!

:is happy!

Ok.  Our problems are coming from dg_olc.c where you chose to use
write_to_output and I was originally using send_to_char (without the
much discussed "%s") . . .

All the instances which read:

write_to_output(d, buf);

should instead read

send_to_char(d->character, "%s", buf);

After this change, no more crash bang boom when opening the trigger
editor.  *cheer*

Thanks to everyone who has been chiming in on this issue, it would appear
that we've overcome one silly error and can move on to seeing if we've got
any more. :)


(P.S. Watch, I spoke too soon and it will reappear on me the next time I
do a clean make and not just relink dg_olc.c like I did to test this fix.)

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