Re: Whats the point?

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 07/03/02

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Eamonn A. Sweeney wrote:

> Ive seen the circle code evolve from bpl11 onwards but where does it stop?
> All we have seen recently is more efficient ways of doing things but is the
> codebase ever going to evolve?

We differ in perception of evolution.  CircleMUD is becoming more stable,
safe, clean, usable, and flexible (within the allowances of a beta
period).  It's becoming easier and better documented.  I consider that the
best possible way to evolve.  If you're looking for a revolution, you'll
have to wait until we finish the work we've started (mainly coding.doc --
hint, hint, anyone's free to contribute).

> Why should every newbie coder have to implement color codes, races,
> abrreviations, and just about every snippet ever posted to the ftp site?

...because the patches are unmaintained?  I don't think the solution is to
let CircleMUD stagnate so that patches don't become outdated.  I *know*
the solution isn't to add more and more features to CircleMUD and break
all of those unmaintained patches that newbies are relying on.

This isn't, BTW, a knock on the patch authors.  Everyone is capable of
contributing back to the CircleMUD community, even if all you do is take
an old patch, apply it to the current version of CircleMUD, fix the
rejects, run diff, and send in an updated version.  In fact, if the
situation with the patches bothers you so much and you're feeling on the
philanthropic side, then I would suggest you do precisely that.

> I personally would love to see a circle codebase with manual color, olc,
> dgscripts, buildwalk, etc that evolves with every new realease rather
> than the stripped down version that needs so much patching to get it
> almost usable.

I'm sure many others would love it as well, but the simple fact is that
CircleMUD is not going to become ROM or SMAUG or any of those other, more
featureful (game-wise) projects.  It's neither our goal nor our desire.
Someone else might ask, "Why should every newbie coder be forced to remove
races, rework color and abbreviations, and have to hack through all of the
feature bloat?"  It might seem strange to you, but not everyone has the
same concept of what's good.

As with before, you're free to resolve your own problems.  Since I'm sure
other people would be interested in seeing a more featureful CircleMUD,
there's nothing stopping you from organizing and creating a derivative
that meets your needs.

-dak : Things get done by doing, not asking.

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