Re: Problem with find_name

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 07/03/02

On 2 Jul 2002, at 8:55, George Greer wrote:

> find_name() duplicated another function so it was removed.
> -- gg - interpreter.c: find_name() and get_ptable_by_name() did the
>                 same thing.  Delete find_name() as it doesn't relate
>                 to other functions as much.
>                 From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz <>
> You must not really have bpl20 or bpl21.  They don't have any references to
> it.
Oh.  You are correct.  I just realized that its 21 patched with oasis.
 Hmm.  That meant errors were introduced back in and that it
compiled without any warning in linux.  I think that when I get back
from my honeymoon, I'll look into this and fix the oasis patch for 20
and 21 to remove find_name reference.

I will also put in the comments about find_name being depreciated
and reference the new function because I know it'll come up with
other patches.

Thanks, George.  This helps.

Gerald Florence

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