ASCII PFiles Query

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 07/04/02

Has anyone done any work with a recent version of circle adding ASCII
Pfiles?  I've been working all afternoon (Ok, it's only 2, but I started
at about 10) on integrating the version on the FTP site built for bpl19
and have had no luck.

The save_char function in particular has been giving me grief, as the
number of parameters passed in bpl21(22) is only one, whereas the ascii
pfiles looks for 2.  This is serious grief in nanny, as it does a
save_char(d->character) five times, and you cannot pass the second
arguement without the compiler squaling like a piggy!

So, if anyone has any experience with adding ascii pfile functionality to
their "modern" circle could you please run through some of the things you
did to work-around?


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