Re: Some Questions about Storing Information and Efficiency

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 07/09/02

> I'm assuming this is for some kind of quest system. If you wish to keep
> track for _every_ player if s/he has been in every room in the game, this
> method is not good. To do this would mean needing a lot of storage space.

Something similar to a quest system, but specialized in that I only need
to make the players be in a room and do a command, then I need to be able
to tell that they've done it.  So if they do the command in the room
again, they get a result like "you already did that here" or somesuch.
The basics of the system require that I increment a number in their pfile
when they do the command, but they can only do it once in a room which
allows the command.

> If you save it all into the pfiles, the full list will have to be in
> memory whenever the player is logged on - with room_vnum typedefed to
> sh_int, 1000 rooms fill up 4k of memory - per player.

That's a wee bit excessive. :)  I don't think that sounds like a good way
to go about this.

> I suggest you save a sorted list of room numbers. And I'd suggest you
> use vnums and not rnums, since rnums can be changed if a new area is
> added.

I'm not clear on the differences, I'm not so good with the code as of yet.
But if you say vnums is better, I'll believe you! :)

> The last line shows I've been talking to the gateguard a little while,
> and his next response (or rather list of responses) should be number 4.
> Of course this requires some in-game scripting.

I don't mind the in-game scripting, I think part of the problem is I just
have not looked at DGScripts enough yet to see how I can use it to achieve
my goals.  I'm having a hard enough time getting used to the c, let alone
exploiting the joys of a scripting language.

I do know that there's a CRODOQuest snippet for DG Scripts out there, but
it requires quite a bit of tweaking to get it installed, and I'm not sure
I need it, or if I can just manipulate DGScripts to do what I want.


So much work, so little time.


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