Latest DG script patch

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 07/09/02

Hi everybody

I uploaded the latest dg script patch to the ftp site friday morning.

This patch only deals with updating to bpl21 - the next update
(to pl8) is scheduled within a week.

It bugged me a lot that oasis reintroduced the use of global
buffers, so I removed those too. They were only ever used as
output buffers, and for bitvector output.


* improved-edit.c: removed redundant buffers.
* interpreter.c: 'Change description' displays correct usage.
* mail.c: 'send mail' displays correct usage. (/s /h etc.)
* Xedit.c - removed global buffers buf, buf1, buf2 and arg
  Introduced local 'bitbuf' buffers for output of bits.
* Fixed error-prone calls to write_to_output through-out the oasis files.
* Fixed error-prone calls to send_to_char through-out the oasis files.

The patch should (it does in my testing) patch directly with
circle30bpl21 - I've uploaded a version with oasis and one without.

Until the files are available at, the can be downloaded here:


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