Re: [CODE] GDB Help.

From: Justin Adler (spam@WORLD-DOMINATION.COM.AU)
Date: 07/11/02

>>First, you have a buffer overrun.
  ok .. how did u figure this out?  because i crashed and it was relating
to a string?

>>but I'd recommend you check any functions which alter the descriptions
of a mob - primarily OLC.

hmm. ok. good call.

We've been using OLC for eons now, and haven't been crashing (or soon
after) .. but OLC was added to our code in .. hmm .. 98? so who knows what
it's doing now.

>> looks like only the descriptions are messed up
that's the weird thing. to me it doesn't.

those are colour codes obviously in the mobs descrs.

..and thanks Patrick for the reply :) You always come up trumps with the
tricker questions :)

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