[INFO] I have regret to inform this community

From: Kevin Dethlefs (demortes@msn.com)
Date: 07/15/02

To all who care,

I regret to inform you that I have decided to take my MUD, Dnal, offline. I
shall not be sending messages, nor reading them from this mailing list from
here on. I thank all those that taught me what they could through this
service. I also would like to thank the original coders for CircleMUD and
the other MUDs.
I will not be withdrawing from MUDs completly though. I will be offering my
services as builder/web master/admin. I may be able to start on coding small
things, but that would be about it for me. I still plan to learn C, and may
be someones help, but I will not start another mud anytime soon.
I have reasons for quitting the coding on MUD's. Lets face it, MUDding is
dying. A new MUD likely to hit it off would take an IMP years of expierence.
Also, the fact that I do not have internet at home right now contributes to

Kevin Dethlefs

P.S. If you wish to recruit me on to your staff, please contact me through
my email address, as after a couple of days, I will not receive emails from
this list. It would also be more convient to be patiant with me, as I have
no internet at home. Maybe you would like to email me now, and wait for my
work to start until I get internet at home, which should be within the

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