Re: [INFO] I have regret to inform this community

From: Evan Harper (
Date: 07/17/02

> >How odd. I was under expression that MUDs are GROWING, look at the
> >TMC data-base of the worlds.
> People interested in playing them are scarce. For me it is anyway. I mean
> why would most want to play a text based game, instead of something like
> Everquest?

- It's (almost always) free
- It works over little bandwidth
- It's run by real people instead of a faceless corporation
- It likely has a much more close-knit community than the big MMORPGs
- It has much fewer morons
- It's often based on a much cooler theme than any MMORPG
- It's run for love, not money
- Since it's text-based, it forces you to exercice imagination and
- Lots more

It's not cheating. It's an elegant solution.

                % elh %

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